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Electric Rail offer competitive and innovative power and signal solutions for customers in railway industry. Our products include today Offgrid and UPS solutions, batteries and point machines.  Our solutions are based on first class power technology proven for critical applications. By strategic selection of leading partners in power, industrial automation and railway industry, we can customize products and still maintain competitive price, quality and leading-edge technology included supervision and remote diagnostics.

ELR Switch UNO

ELR Switch UNO is a cost effective way to automize the  switching in industrial lines and depots. We have a great interest from industries and harbours. The machine is very easy to install and can be controlled from push bottons that the driver can reach and from mobile phones and CTC’s. ELR Switch is available for offgrid installation. 

Off-grid power

ELR support railway costumers with design and support for GSM-R installations off-grid. We provide control systmes for MPPT’s, generators and alternators and remote supervision of GSM-R sites.

ELR Uninterrupted Power supply Solutions

Our UPS solutions are designed for critical applications such as railways. With our  experience we combine technologies from our leading partners in power supplies together with railway signalling system providers to give the best realibility and quality and still maintain the best price.  We work with solutions both for indoor and our door use, on and off-grid solutions. Our solutions are modular or non-modular  depended the best choice for the customer needs. Each power module has an independent LCD, giving providing status, alarms and diagnostics in real time. Our solutions support central control and supervision.

ELR UPS Catalogue Rev 1.0

ELR Battery Solutions

We have unique battery offering, covering wide span of different battery technologies (VLRA, NiFe, Lithium etc) and we can customize a battery offering based on your requirements.

ELR System solutions

We have team and network of senior experts, many with over 30 years of experience in railway industry.  We design and build small signalling systems such as switch point machines and can combine it with leading edge power products and batteries to secure an complete offering for railway customer.  We partner with several leading-edge system provider to offer any type of solution for the railway industry. No challenge is to small or too big, contact us and we will be ready to put down a system solution for your company

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